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Previous Events

Previous Events

Lama Jiga
Meditating Matters – 9th June 2014
Knowing your mind and how to liberate naturally whatever arises

Martin Goodson
Gentling the Bull: – 12th May 2014
Developing a relationship with the Heart

Ven. Dawa Lobsang
The Seven Limbs Prayer – 28th April March 2014
Part 2: Concluding this important Tibetan Buddhist teaching on the antidotes to a destructive state of mind

Lama Jiga
Mind Matters – 10th March 2014
Our Mind, Our Ego and its Liberation

Martin Goodson
Catching the Bull – 10th February 2014
Working with the emotional household (continuation of the series, Gentling the Bull)

Ven. Dawa Lobsang
The Seven Limbs Prayer – 2oth January 2014
Part 1: Explaining this important Tibetan Buddhist prayer – each ‘limb’ being an antidote to a destructive state of mind.

Martin Goodson
Seeing the Bull – 2nd Decmber 2013
Seeing the wondrous activity of the Heart-Bull (continuing the series, Gentling the Bull)

Venerable Dawa Lobsang
Meditation – 11th November 2013
Ven. Dawa provided instruction, advice and guided meditation practices.

Lama Jiga
Living and Dying Well – 21st October 2013
A brief Explanation of the process and mind states that accompany and follow death, and some Buddhist practices to help you live, prepare for and die well.

Martin Goodson
Finding The Traces – 16th September 2013
Discovering the Buddha’s insight in the midst of one’s own life (continuing the series, Gentling the Bull)

Martin Goodson
The Six Paramitas – 10 December 2012
Martin’s explanation of these ‘paramitas’ or ‘perfections’ (generosity, ethics, patience, joyous effort, concentration and wisdom|) was exceptionally well delivered. Clear, illustrative and humorous, his own joyous enthusiasm (!) and use of relevant anecdotes and jokes was truly appreciated and enjoyed by everyone present. An overriding message to be taken away surely has to be that we should all approach our own lives and practice not only with joyous enthusiasm but, very importantly, with humour! We look forward to his next visit in 2013.

Lama Jiga
Day of Mindfulness – 12 November 2012
After a three-year absence from our centre due to ill-health, we were delighted to receive teachings on Mindfulness from our dear friend and venerated teacher, Lama Jiga. Having studied with some of Tibet’s highest Lamas including His Eminence 18th Dulmo Choje and training at University of Bangor’s Centre for Mindfulness Research, Lama Jiga delivered powerful and inspirational teachings on Mindfulness, providing clear and simple instructions to the many who visited the all-day event. We are planning for Lama Jiga to be back with us in the next few months. We pray for his continued good health and wish every success to Nilupul Foundation a new venture that Lama Jiga and our friend, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche are associated with. May Goodness Prevail.

Martin Goodson
The Way of Zen – 12 July 2012
Once again we were treated to a highly informative teaching evening from one of UK’s most experienced Zen Buddhist teachers. Beginning with a guided meditation, Martin went on to deliver another clear and accessible teaching, as always punctuated with his frequent use of illustrative anecdotes. Understanding was consolidated with the concluding meditation and question and answer session.

Venerable Lobsang Dawa
The Four Noble Truths – 25 June 2012
Venerable Dawa gave a remarkablly instructive presentation of Buddhism’s core lesson. Hanging on to his carefully considered and softly spoken words, everyone present was able to relate to his explanation and illustrations of the different types of suffering, thier causes and the possibility for thier cessation.

We look forward to Venerable Dawa’s return in October when he will present the Eightfold Noble Path.

Venerable Lobsan Dawa was taught by the eminent Tibetan Buddhist Master Geshe Tashi and ordained by his Holiness the Dalai Lama. Ven. Dawa runs Coventry’s Jamyang Buddhist Centre and is also a much sought after teacher and speaker.

Martin Goodson
Diamonds from Coals: Transforming fear and loathing into compassion – 23 April 2012
Starting the evening with a short guided meditation, Martin delivered a fascinating explanation of our daily (hourly!) fluctuating emotions and the difficulties that these create for us and others. He went on to describe several methods we can practice to break this persistent chain of mental turmoil. Following a period of questions and answers he lead a longer guided meditation session, concluding the evening with a Zen dedication recited in Japanese and accompanied by intermittent strikes of the singing bowl. The well-attended evening resonated deeply with all those gathered. We look forward to Martin’s next teaching visit, probably in July.

Explanation of Zen Koans – 20 February 2012

As on his previous visit, Martin succeeded in clearly explaining a largely misunderstood subject using an assortment of examples and anecdotes. Those attending this highly illuminating teaching thoroughly enjoyed Martin’s humour and eloquent delivery, and were glad of the opportunity to practise some meditation, and to ask questions at the end.

Zen and the Art of Happiness: An Introduction to Zen Buddhism – 3 October 2011

Martin Goodson one of UK’s most experienced Zen Buddhist teachers, delighted us with his entertaining and highly informative delivery at this well attended teaching evening. His extensive knowledge and experience was presented and explained simply and clearly, frequently illustrated by fascinating stories.

Martin Goodson is a senior teacher at Shobo-an Zen Buddhist Training temple in North London. Appointed by Ven. Myokyo-ni, he teaches classes at the Buddhist Society and at its annual summer school. We look forward to Martin’s next visit.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
18 and 19 April 2011
We were extremely honoured that this high and esteemed Tibetan Lama was able to include us in his hectic 2011 European teaching tour that took in 13 European countries. His wisdom and compassion undoubtedly touched everyone who attended his teachings and book signing of his latest work (Chenrezig: the Practice of Compassion). A very high number of people attended the three separate teaching sessions, some from as far afield as Oxford, Telford and London. The event’s success and Rinpoche’s impact is aptly described in the words of one attendee:

“I am not sure my description can do justice to Rinpoche’s teaching in Kettering. All I can say is that I found it incredibly helpful. He somehow managed to make me understand how unnecessarily complicated I make everything and how very simple the practice is. All my worries and doubts were put in their place, brushed aside almost, as not really so important after all. He made it all very simple, very practical, not abstract, very related to life as it is. He didn’t really say anything new. He just took it out of my rather intellectual slant and replaced it in practical everyday amazingly simple terms, so that I found myself thinking…’Oh! Is that all it is? Of course! How did I manage to misunderstand that so thoroughly?’ I haven’t managed to take part in an event with more than one session of teaching before and I found that definitely made more impact on me. I have been incredibly grateful to him ever since. And I have been very grateful to the Northants group for hosting it, for asking Rinpoche to come and for being so welcoming and friendly “.