Ajahn Brahmali is coming to the UK this year to support Anukampa’s aims by offering an 8-day Residential Retreat from the 13th to the 20th of May, which is already open for registration below! There will be a series of other talks and events, either side of the retreat and these will be added to our website soon. Please keep all the dates in your diary free, so you can join him throughout the whole tour!

About Ajahn Brahmali

Born in Norway in 1964, Ajahn Brahmali felt a strong calling to Buddhism and meditation in his early 20’s after a visit to Japan. Having completed master degrees in engineering and finance, he began his monastic training as an Anagarika in England at Amaravati and Chithurst Buddhist Monasteries.

In 1994, after hearing a teaching by Ajahn Brahm, he jetted to Australia to train at Bodhinyana Monastery.  He took full ordination as a bhikkhu with Ajahn Brahm as his preceptor in 1996 and has now been a monk for around twenty-six years.

Ajahn Brahmali is a powerfully effective teacher of meditation, who draws direct inspiration from the Buddhist texts. He also teaches the Pali language and the monastic training rules to monks at Bodhinyana Monastery, and to bhikkhunis in Perth and beyond. Ajahn Brahmali also played an instrumental role in ordaining Theravada bhikkhunis and was recently awarded an honorary PhD for his translation of the Vinaya from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

As a Dhamma teacher, Ajahn Brahmali makes the teachings of the Buddha relevant and accessible through his lucid and inspiring talks. Here is some feedback from an 8-day online retreat that he taught for our community in 2021, alongside Ven Canda.

“I feel so lucky and grateful to have had the chance to participate in this retreat and to be in touch with your teaching. The path has never seemed so clear and beautiful to me! I feel that I am in contact with the best approach for my practice and for my daily life. Ajahn Brahmali’s enthusiasm for suttas is contagious, I really want to read some from now on!”

The link to Anuka Bhikkhuni Project’s events page where you can register for the talks is www.anukampaproject.org/events