Announcement: 15th March 2020 

In the beautiful Karaniya Metta Sutta (on loving kindness, Sn 1.8), the quality of protecting all beings from harm without exception ~ to the extent that a mother would protect her only child ~ is greatly emphasised.

Having closely followed the development of the Coronavirus situation worldwide and in the UK and aware of the threat it poses to human life, we have decided to cancel all teaching events from 15th March until 15th April. We will review this again at that time and keep you updated.

Our motivation for this decision is one of loving kindness and compassion, rather than fear, born of a wish to help protect those most vulnerable and at risk.

This unpredictable situation provides an opportunity for us to strengthen our practice by pulling together to support one another in community. We encourage anyone who has made a decision to self-isolate (or stay at home as much as possible), to embrace the opportunity for solitude, deepen your meditation practice, get plenty of rest and care of yourself and your loved ones.

We have collected a few resources that we hope you will find useful:

Local support initiatives for those self isolating in the UK

Latest World Health Organisation Guidelines

Anukampa YouTube Talks and Guided Meditations

Collection Of Meditations ~ “Corona Sanity Guide” 

May we strengthen our capacity to meet uncertainty with courage and an open loving heart, whilst doing our best to collectively contain the coronavirus ~ and spread the karunavirus (the virus of compassion) to all beings instead!

With loving kindness and compassion,

The Anukampa Team