Welcome to our sixty seventh online suggested practise for the week.  Note our sixty fifth session was an online meditation practise and no reading materials were required. We are now broadcasting a live teaching each Monday evening. If you would like to participate please contact us using the contact form on the homepage.

1.0)  If you feel so inclined, begin by reciting the usual prayers (please follow below links for text). Alternatively, try to think or articulate a wish for all beings to achieve liberation from suffering, etc .

Four Thoughts: contemplating each in turn – http://northantsbuddhists.com/the-four-thoughts/

Refuge Prayer: twice in Tibetan, once in English – http://northantsbuddhists.com/the-refuge-prayer/

2.0) Meditation Practise – Presented by Steve Reynolds

Pith Instructions from Tilopa to Naropa, from The Ganges Mahamudra


How to Do Mahamudra Meditation by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche in Lion’s Roar