Welcome to our twenty third online suggested practise for the week. We are now broadcasting a live teaching each Monday evening. If you would like to participate please contact us using the contact form on the homepage.

1.0)  If you feel so inclined, begin by reciting the usual prayers (please follow below links for text). Alternatively, try to think or articulate a wish for all beings to achieve liberation from suffering, etc .

Four Thoughts: contemplating each in turn – http://northantsbuddhists.com/the-four-thoughts/

Refuge Prayer: twice in Tibetan, once in English – http://northantsbuddhists.com/the-refuge-prayer/

2.0) How Do We Take the Guru as the Path? – Part Three

Advice on How to Practice by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, referring to Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo’s Short Preliminary Practice, also called Excellent Path to Enlightenment

Usually at first, practitioners are eagerly following the path and then, after proceeding along for some time, it becomes slightly boring. It is this ‘human mind’ that always gets bored with the path. It is like having too much omelette. Now you want fried eggs, which is something reasonably new. There are also obstacles along the way as well.
And actually, what is happening is you’re getting closer to being a master of this path. Just as you are drawing near, you tend to get bored and then you want to change. Naturally enough, a new practice is always somewhat inspiring for the first few days, but what you don’t realize is you’re only going back to square one. What you might gauge as exciting practices right now, will eventually also come to be boring. My suggestion is this: please meet as many lamas, and hear as many dharma teachings as possible. For those who truly want to pursue the path of dzogchen, it is especially good to do this. It is also good to meet the same lineage people. But I would suggest you do not allow yourself to get distracted by all those ‘attractive practices.’ Once you have finished the ngöndro, I’m sure there are many masters you can go to if you want to receive the dzogchen teachings. Personally for me, I have had the best, so I’m very spoiled.”

Guru Yoga Method (from Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo’s Excellent Path to Enlightenment):

Recite the Seven Line Prayer three times:

Hung. In the north-west land of Oddiyana,
In the heart of a lotus flower,
Endowed with the most marvellous attainments,
You are renowned as the ‘Lotus born’,
Surrounded by many hosts of Dakinis.
Following in your footsteps,
I pray to you: please come, inspire me with your blessings! Guru Pema Siddhi Hung

Generate an image of Padmasambhava, perhaps using a picture to aid imaging. Repeat the mantra Om Ah Hung Bezar Guru Pema Siddhi Hung as many times as you are able. At the end of your recitation, think:
“Rays of light (White, Red, Blue) stream from the three syllables (Om, Ah, Hung) at the lama’s three chakras (top of head, the throat, the chest) and I receive his blessings, empowerments and siddhis. The lama melts into light and dissolves into me. Inseparable from him, I rest in a natural state of ease….”


Guru Rinpoche (Padmansabhava) and His Mantra

2.1) Lojong Eight Verses of Mind Training – Awakening the Buddha within by Lama Surya Das
Eight Steps to enlightenment, Tibetan Wisdom for the modern world.– A presentation by Geoff Warren

May I always cherish all beings
With the resolve to accomplish for them
The highest good that is more precious
Than any wish-fulfilling jewel.

Whenever I am in the company of others,
May I regard myself as inferior to all
And from the depths of my heart
Cherish others as supreme.

In all my actions may I watch my mind,
And as soon as disturbing emotions arise,
May I forcefully stop them at once,
Since they will hurt both me and others.

When I see ill-natured people,
Overwhelmed by wrong deeds and pain,
May I cherish them as something rare,
As though I had found a treasure-trove.

When someone out of envy does me wrong
By insulting me and the like,
May I accept defeat
And offer the victory to them.

Even if someone whom I have helped
And in whom I have placed my hopes
Does great wrong by harming me,
May I see them as an excellent spiritual friend.

In brief, directly or indirectly,
May I give all help and joy to my mothers,
And may I take all their harm and pain Secretly upon myself.

May none of this ever be sullied
By thoughts of the eight worldly concerns.
May I see all things as illusions
And, without attachment, gain freedom from bondage.